Apple special event 2019 Highlights: Launch of iPhone 11 series & More

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18 Sep 2019

Apple special event 2019

Apple generally does not participate in big global industry-wide tech events like CES or E3. It holds its events. These are called Special Events. Apple streams such events online to its millions of fans all over the world.

One such event was held on 10th September 2019. For this big event, the Cupertino headquartered company reached out to its 3.1 million followers & announced the event details on its Twitter page.

This event was a treat for millions of Apple fans. This event was marked with the launch of new many products & subscription-based services.

Here are the Apple Special Event 2019 Highlights

iPhone 11 series

iPhone 11 series

The highly awaited launch of 2019, the new iPhone 11 series was the star highlight of the event. iPhone 11 is significantly upgraded & is perfectly equipped to be called as the Successor to iPhone XR. There are three models in iPhone 11 series, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max. The screen size of the iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro is 5.8 inches & iPhone 11 Pro Max is 6.5 inches. Few of the points worth mentioning are as follows:-

  • Expected prices: Apple couldn’t manage to avoid the leak of prices the various models. Approximate prices according to the storage capacity are as under:-
  • iPhone 11:
  • 64 GB – USD 749 (Rs.53,000)
  • 128 GB – USD799 (Rs 57,496)
  • 256 GB – USD 899 (Rs 64,600)
  • iPhone 11 Pro:
  • 128 GB – $999 (Rs 72,000)
  • 256 GB – $1,099 (Rs 79,000)
  • 512 GB – $1,199 (Rs 86,200)
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max:
  • 128 GB – $1099 (Rs 79,000)
  • 256 GB – $1,199 (Rs 86,200)
  • 512 GB – $1,299 (Rs 93,435)
  • Features: iPhone 11 series models are significantly improved over their predecessors. Below is the list of some of the improved features:-
  • Camera: Among all the features that are improved, it is the camera hardware & software that takes the center stage.
  • Setup: iPhone 11 has 12 megapixels Dual rear & a front camera comprising of wide-angle lens & ultra-wide-angle lens at the rear. iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max have a triple rear & a front camera comprising of a wide-angle lens, ultra-wide-angle lens & telephoto lens.
  • The highlight of the new camera setup is the first time alignment of a wide-angle lens with both telephoto & ultra-wide sensors. This allows the user to increase the viewing field of the scene.
  • 4K video recording: Capable of 4K video recording at 60 fps. Video making is very simple now with the new Quick Take feature. Just hold down the camera button to start taking a video. Comes loaded with new editing tools.
  • Deep fusion: This feature uses artificial intelligence to identify the best feature from nine different photos that the phone takes automatically before the shutter button is pressed. It compiles all the images to deliver one single great looking image with more details & less noise.
  • Slo-files: It means slow-motion video selfies. It’s a new fun feature the phone comes loaded with.
  • Night Mode: Facing stiff competition from recently launched phones from its rivals, Google & Huawei, Apple now included a night mode feature. It will get activated automatically in low light conditions boosting the brightness & reducing the noise.
  • New Colors: iPhone 11Six colors Black, White, Yellow, Purple, Green, Red
  • iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max: Four colors – Midnight Green, Gold, Silver, Gray.
  • Faster Chipset: Equipped with the more powerful A13 Bionic processor & GPU. Apple claims it to be the most powerful chipset on a mobile phone.
  • Longer Battery Life: Battery backup is highly improved with the iPhone 11 series. Apple claims battery life is now longer by up to 5 hours compared to the previous models.
  • Latest iOS 13 operating system. 

Apple Watch Series 5

 Apart from the iPhones, one of the important highlights of the event was the launch of Apple Watch Series 5. Features that differentiate from the previous series are mentioned below:-

  • Always on Display: Star feature of the watch. It constantly shows the time. No need to raise your arm to see the time. With this new kind of display developed by Apple, the screen can be kept on always, without consuming the battery life. It promises an all day long battery backup of up to 18 hours.
  • Inbuilt compass: This feature enables the user to see which direction they are facing. Gives information like longitude, elevation, heading, incline, etc. Highly beneficial for hikers.
  • Cases, Colors & Finishes: For the first time, Apple Watch is launched in gorgeous ceramic white & titanium finishes in addition to the current aluminum finish.
  • Expected Price:  The latest Apple Watch Series 5 is expected to be priced at USD 399 for the GPS model & USD 499 for the GPS plus cellular mode.
  • Nike & Hermes special edition Apple watches have also been launched.
  • Watch OS6: The latest series 5 Apple watch supports Watch OS6. This means the Apple store can be now accessed from the Apple watch & application can be downloaded directly to the watch without the need to go through the phone.
  • Noise App: The watch can now assess the noise/loudness level of the environment.
  • Cycle Tracking App: First of a kind feature. This app lets the female users enter important information regarding the menstrual cycle. This enables them to see the time of their next period & fertility window.   

Apple iPad 

Apple iPad

7th Generation iPad was also launched at the event. It boasts of the following features:-

  • New 10.2 inches retina display.
  • Powered by A10 fusion chipset.
  • Supports iPad OS.
  • Equipped with the new user interface, video editing tools, multi-tasking, etc.
  • The long battery life of up to 10 hours.
  • Compatible with Apple pencil & smart keyboard.
  • Starting price tag of USD 329.

Apple Arcade

  • is a subscription-based gaming service offered by Apple. This application brings together all the games users want for iOS, macOS & Apple TV. It will be available from 19th September 2019 at a monthly price of USD 4.99. Also, you get a one-month free trial. It will feature around 100 new games.
  • has partnered with various gaming companies like Capcom, Annapurna Interactive, Konami, etc. Representatives from these companies showcased the demo of the games which will be available on this platform. Initially, this service will start in 150 countries.

Apple TV+

Apple also officially launched its streaming service at this event after unveiling it earlier this year. This service is called as Apple TV+. This service will be available from 1st November 2019 at a starting price of USD 4.99 per month.

In case a user buys a new Apple product, he/she will get a one-year subscription to Apple TV+ for free.

Tim Cook showed off the teaser of “See”, a new series which will debut n 1st November 2019 on the Apple TV+, starring Jason Momoa & Alfred Woodard. 

Missing Features

Though the new iPhone 11 boasts of having a long list features, significant upgrades & improvements over the previous models, it’s still not the perfect mobile device. A question everyone seeks an answer for is “Has Apple finally added this feature”?

Some of the exiting features expected by the fans are completely canceled. The phone falls short on the user’s expectations when compared with the phones launched by the rival companies. Apple missed out on the below features:-

  • Reverse Wireless Charging: This means using iPhone to charging plate to charge other accessories like AirPods, iPads, Apple watches from the back of the phone. This is a highly popular feature on the high-end premium Android phones by Samsung, Google & Huawei. Big omission by Apple.
  • No 5G support: Apple iPhone is expected to justify its hefty price tag by having a useful lifespan. A person, who is willing to shell out between USD 699 to USD 1299 for the top model, will want the phone to be future-ready for the technological change & networks. That’s why 5G support gains high importance. Availability & coverage of 5G will increase rapidly in the coming years. Those having 5G compatible phones will benefit instantly but the iPhone users will wait for the next launch.
  • Compatible with Apple Pen: It was expected that the new iPhone series will be compatible with Apple Pen. But still, it is not.
  • USB – C Port: As far as charging & connecting devices are concerned, USB – C port is undoubtedly the new standard. Almost every modern mobile device comes with it. But Apple iPhone 11 series still comes with the Lightning Connection. Even iPad & MacBook Pro comes with a USB – C port.

These missing features will surely make a dent in the expectations of the Apple fans & bring down the excitement.

Pre Booking & Shipping

   In India, pre-booking of the iPhone will start on 20th September 2019. All the pre-orders come with the cashback offer of Rs.10,000/-. Shipping is expected to start by the end of this month.