5 Features Which Make iOS 13 Superior to iOS 12

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15 Apr 2019

5 Features Which Make iOS 13 Superior to iOS 12

According to the latest revelations, the next upgrade of Apple’s iPad and iPhone operating system will be launched in June 2019 in WWDC. The World-Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) is expected to begin on the 3rd of June 2019 in San Jose.

The Beta version of IOS 13 for the app developers will be released after the announcement. The public Beta version, which will be available to all, will be available a bit later. The final public version of the iOS 13 upgrade is expected somewhere around September 2019.

Devices including the Apple iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X/XS/XS Max/XR and the iPod Touch will be running this new update. The update will also be available on iPad Pro 10.5/11/12.9/2017/2018 versions and for iPad Mini 2/3/4 versions.

For the iOS 12 upgrade, Apple gave more priority to the bug fixes and stability improvement and therefore many of the planned and new features of iOS 12 were postponed and will be present in the iOS 13.

Here are some of the improvements and upgrades that the iOS 13 will have over iOS 12, which will make the new software more powerful and useful.

1) Improvements in Siri

The new Siri shortcuts will be one of the upgrades in the iOS 13. The new and the patented upgrade in Siri, through which the users can personalize the calls that cannot be attended will be quite handy.

The operating system will also send a message and will tell the caller as to why the call could not be taken. If a user has the Car Play Integrated in the automobile, he/she will see many different message options, and also the locational details.

2) More Options for Snooze

As of now, the snoozing options may be limited to tomorrow, an hour, or 5 minutes but the iOS 13 upgrade will bring more of them, and these will include any particular time, day, or the week options.

3) Dark Mode

The “Dark Mode” will be there for the first time in iOS 13 and will provide for a better viewing experience in the night time. We also found that the artwork of Apple at WWDC had a darker theme to it. This might be indicative to the dark mode, which will match and will be an improvement over the earlier Mojave feature of the Mac OS.

4) Redesigned Home Screens

The home screens on both Car Play as well as for the devices like iPad and iPhone might be designed with many new elements, in iOS 13. While there is no idea or description of the new looks with us, these new and re-designed home screens might have some matching character.

5) Cross-Platform Apps for MacOS and iOS

Apps working on both iOS and Mac is not new and the feature is existing since the iOS 12 upgrade. The earlier Framework facilitated the transfer of the apps from iOS to the Mac operating system and some of these apps that could be transferred included the voice memos, and US stocks and others.

The functionality will be extended by Apple to the developers now through iOS 13, and therefore many new developments in the cross-platform App development environment are bound to take place.

6) Upgrade for Live Photos

At the present time, a Live Photo can and be attached with a video of up to 3 seconds in length and time. Apple will upgrade this time duration in iOS 13, by doubling it to 6 seconds.

7) New Emoji Upgrades

Searching for an Emoji is a very bad and even tiresome experience as of now. Even when the specific Emoji is present, you may not see it when using a keyword, which may be close but misguided for iOS.

For instance, you may search for the table knife using the keyword Knife, but it may be tagged as Dinner. The new emoji function will be much smarter. While the new emoji upgrades might not be available at the time iOS 13 is announced in June, these upgrades may be made available later on.

The new characters that you may find include otter, flamingo, vessel, white heart, ice cube, people holding hands, juice box, snorkel, and many others.

8) Mail Upgrades

Upgrades in the email are liked by the majority of Mac users as well as the users of other operating systems as well. The new features for email may be there in iOS 13 and these may include muting mail notifications from certain specific or identified email threads.

9) Contact Status Upgrade

The new and exciting feature helps the user know whether a contact is available for conversation or not, along with their location. The status of the device, for instance, whether it is in the ringing, silent, or airplane mode may also be known. This is a unique and innovative feature and the company Apple has also filed for a patent for this one.

10) Changing Video Resolution Easily

One of the upgrades that Apple might bring to the iOS 13 is to make convenient for the user to change the 4K video recording resolution. While all Apple iPhones provide for 4K recording, they may not be able to change it easily.

As of now, they will have to exit the camera, tap into settings, and also make change subsequently within the camera app. The new feature will provide for a change in the least of the time period and with minimum efforts.

11) User Account Upgrade

iOS 13 may also have the upgrades, which will provide for multiple user accounts on the iPads. While the iPhones are very personal devices, the same privacy does not extend to the iPads as of now. This is the one feature for which users have been demanding for heavily.

12) Messaging Related Upgrades

The iOS 13 may have the new social and messaging features, which will help the users connect more easily and effectively with their acquaintances and contacts, according to a report by Bloomberg.

Apple may be providing a new single panel where consolidated communications between two users will be displayed. For instance, two friends who are communicating with each other will be able to see all of their social web network interactions, emails, as well as the text messages in one and single window.

13) Slide for Unlocking

The “slide to unlock” feature was there in the operating systems of Apple up to the version iOS 9. While all the Apple devices had this feature early on, it was later deleted from iOS 10 onwards and the home button was configured for unlocking the device. While this may not be sure the “slide to unlock” feature might be there again in iOS 13.

Apart from these new changes in upgrades and features, Apple is also known to work on a new TV streaming service, Gaming service as well as a News subscription service.

These may also be coming along closely with the iOS 13. Rumors also say that there will be improvements in the file management area, and for the apps as well that can be tabbed.

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