The Definite guide to Mobile App Localization

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04 Jun 2020

The Definite guide to Mobile App Localization

Are you looking for the best way to extend your customer base? Do you need your application to reach global success? Well, the app localization is the best option. You need to customize the mobile app development company in bangalore to maximize the potential reach that can be done via app localization. 

Localization of the mobile app is critical if anyone plans to compete in the international market. It is a similarly crucial step for iOS as well as Android applications. In the last couple of years, foreign businesses have preserved huge companies such as Walmart, Coca-cola, and others. They have tailored their goods and cost to fit all markets. But nowadays small and large companies are facing challenges in the international market. Due to technological developments, companies share information online and get closer to customers. 

Now more than eighty percent of people are using the Smartphone nowadays. It has become very critical in both developing and developed countries. The mobile app is used in all parts of the world. The app can be accessed for different purposes, such as entertainment, work, education, and others. The Mobile App Localization not only helps you to reach globally but also increases the return of investments. Obtaining your investment worth from the mobile application needs the customer to download them. 

Mobile apps localization – What is it?

In the modern era, app localization has emerged as a critical aspect in verifying the mobile app success. Mobile App Localization is an effective method to boost app downloads, which offers you huge benefits when ranking in foreign countries. App localization refers to the adoption process of the mobile app to several markets and languages. It is merely translating the interface and page of the mobile app. Releasing the mobile app in a single language is not an excellent choice for accessing the international market. Now, developers are creating apps with multi-language support that can be done via localizing a mobile app.

Tips for localizing your mobile application 

The process of localization helps you have a high return on investments and better traffic to your brand. One of the best ways the business owners can save money in the app localization process is by obtaining the translation software that allows them to get app localization without any trouble. If you are completed with the app localization procedure, it is time to translate the content into the app. 

Without committing to complete app localization, if you need to trail a new market, you can execute the minimum workable localization that includes a subtitle, app title, keywords, annotations, CTAs, screenshot, app description, and others. App localization helps you to reach large customers. Here you can get simple tips on how to localize your mobile app: 

  • Obtaining relevant keywords – Selecting the relevant keywords plays an essential role in boosting up the mobile app download further than knowing the correct item of words in other languages. If some search term is famous with the audience of English speaking, then it doesn’t bring search traffic from other foreign languages. You can use tools to check the keyword for popularity. 

  • Gather resources – You should gather support for your mobile application. It includes image, tutorial, content, data file, and others that align with the program code. The business owners need to externalize resources for optimum app localization so the translation process can start by developing new language versions of every file.

  • Think about app layout – When designing the website for the worldwide audience, you can think about the word length, a fact which every language takes up different spaces. Assure that the mobile app lets for the wording contraction. German and Spanish can take more space than English. You should use single layouts for all languages you support like German, Spain, English, and others. 

  • Translators need context – The translator requires a framework to convey meaning accurately from one language to another language. When you send resources for texts to translate into words, you give them the background. Offering translators context will increase the speed of app translation, where the layout and screen size can be varied from each device. 

  • Testing of app localization – If the app is translated, then it is time to test the application. You want to implement exact localization testing to ensure there is no bug in the app layout and content. The bug-free app helps to increase the users and also creates a good reputation in the market. 

Why is app localization important for business?

Mobile App Localization lets the business owner access the global market. It aids to boost the download that expands the customer base of business. Localizing the mobile application is essential for the mobile app developer who needs to build the majority of their products. There are lots of benefits of localizing your mobile app. Have a look at the perks of app localization for your business: 

  • Better user experience

Foreign customers need to observe your content in their language. With a modified communication strategy, a localized app is offered in the native language of the customers. It will ensure the users have a better experience and an exceptional understanding of the product. The business owner will notice the higher engagement level among the customers. 

  • Quick entry to global markets

You decide to localize apps based on the countries. The business owners would not be moved out of the entire app localization project at one time. So you can select the country which shows high demand for your business. You can localize the mobile app for iOS and Android operating systems that will increase your reach. 

  • Assured return of investment 

Investing in all localization will give a positive return on investment. The app localization procedure can seem expensive at the beginning stage when you want to work with the certified translator’s native to certain countries. If you localize your mobile application well, then you will see guaranteed ROI. 

  • Enlarge customer base

With proper app localization, you can enlarge the customer base of your business. The mobile app has minimum cultural barriers and reaches large customers to educate. The application has to be appropriately localized to stand out in the international market. An excellent localization takes into account the country’s market conditions and gives service or product which is suitable for their market needs. 


In the digital world, the mobile app localization plays an important strategy. Localizing your mobile app helps to find a new customer to your brand. The mobile app can quickly end up successful in an overseas environment. App localization helps to reach an extensive range of customers that offer great value for your business. 

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