Everything Announced in WWDC 2019: iPadOS, Watch OS6, Swift UI, And More!

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16 Jun 2019

WWDC 2019

The World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) is held annually and is organized by the multinational corporation Apple Inc. for the Mac OS and IOS developers. It is a highly exciting technological event where many major products including digital products are launched for the first time.

Just like always, the WWDC 2019 event was held in the summertime, in between the dates June 3rd to June 7th at San Jose convention center located in San Jose, California. Some of the biggest announcement of the events, in the form of technological breakthroughs, upgrades and launches are given below.

Here are important WWDC 2019 Announcements

wwdc 2019 announcement

1. iOS 13

iOS 13 has many updates and upgrades now. It boasts of an impressive dark mode and has unique and exceptional features that provide for better browsing experience. It also has better functionalities for navigation and editing of images along with a new map. Users will be able to log in to the applications and website smoothly with the new features of iOS 13.

The performance-related updates will help the devices including iPad, iPhone, and iPod perform at least 30% better and faster. For instance, users will find the face ID unlock to be more effective and fast, and the apps will also launch at least twice faster. The download size of the apps will also be reduced because of the update.

There will be a new sign in option for the developers in the form of “Sign in with Apple”. Users can sign in using their Twitter or Facebook login as of now. Other updates include a keyboard that supports swipe typing and lyrics that are displayed in real time during the use of the music app, among many others.

The email App of Apple will also support new and rich fonts now. Notes are also being updated with proper folder and gallery view. You will also be able to tag your notes. The layout of the Reminder app has improved.

It now has a good layout, options for organization and a complete overhaul of the smart lists has also been provided. More Animojis and Memojis can be found and played with in the Messages app now, and you can express yourself even better.

2. Home Kit

Home Kit for the Apple smartphone space is getting an update. It will now function with more number of smart devices and will address the privacy and security concerns better.

More specifically, while the main Home app screen is the same, the control options that are used to control the devices of Home kit have been improved and are now better streamlined as well. With this change and overhaul, it is now much easier for you to access options that you use more frequently.

You will iOS13 to contain new icons for the home kits including motion sensors, water sensors and air quality sensors. The new card style view of the app controls makes it easier for you swipe to home screen. iOS 12 had the full screen view for the application.

3. Swift UI

The Swift user interface has also got an update, which provides for fewer lines. Apple is making it easy for the developers to work on the codes and has added more tools for better automation and a low code ratio.

4. Mac OS Catalina

The Mac OS Catalina update will be included in the desktops and laptops of Apple. Users will now get a number of new features and options, and better user experience will be welcoming them. Voice interactions will be more precise and the iPad may also be used as the secondary display surface with the new updates.

5. iPad OS

iPad OS will be another product and operating system from now on and will be separated from iOS. iPad is now getting its own platform now, which may be the biggest software update showcased in the WWDC 2019 event.

The new operating system iPod OS is based on iOS 13 and has many of the same features including photo editing tools, dark mode, and others. But some features are only specific to the new iPads, which will provide for a better workflow and the new interface is also different from the iOS 13.

The hand gestures are even more powerful now and can be used for many different functions. For instance, users can get easy access to the widgets by swiping from the left side of the home screen. Text can be easily copied by a three finger pinch while a three finger spread will paste.

Apart from supporting different apps, the split-screen will also support the different and multiple windows of a given app. Therefore, you can now read one note and edit the other at the same time. The new features of the browser Safari will enable you to browse the full desktop sites easily and the improved download manager can be used for organizing all the downloads.

6. Core/Create ML 3

With the Core ML 3 updates, advanced and proficient machine learning models can be created and their variety will also increase. Core ML has a number of model layers and provides for better experiences, vision, and understanding of speech among other benefits.

7. TV OS 13

New updates are also coming to the TV OS that will provide the users with a much better experience of using the Apple TV. The updates will bring to the Apple TV and its home screen features and capabilities including full-screen content preview, a multiuser support and content enrichment.

Gamers will be delighted with the new upgrades of the TV OS 13 as well. The new operating system of the television will support the Xbox One controllers and the DualShock 4. As of now, the gamers had to use the MFi controller.

8. Map Upgrades

The Apple maps will now be more useful for all and will provide a delightful experience. They will provide better and improved pedestrian info, a broader and better road coverage, accurate addresses, and detailed and extensive land coverage.

9. Siri Upgrade

Apple’s voice assistant Siri has also received a new voice. It does not use the manual recording but instead depends on the text-to-speech technology, which provides for better efficiency and accuracy.

10. Watch OS 6

The latest model and version of the Apple Watch has also been launched at the WWDC 2019 event. It now also has the first-party apps, including voice memos, calculator, watch OS app store, audiobooks and others.

Users can use the on-watch Apple app store for downloading the curated apps. They can do scribble typing or use Siri, you are not required to use the iPhone in any way for downloading the apps on the Apple watch or for paying for them.

Apple watch will now be totally independent of the iPhone in other ways as well. Developers need not make an iPhone version of the app when they make an app for the Apple smartwatch.

Because you cannot read the books visually on an Apple smartwatch, these have been converted into audio books. One of the best new features of the new operating system for the smartwatch is the app Noise. This app can monitor the audio levels in the background and will warn you whenever the noise level is abnormally high and may cause audio damage.

11. Mac Pro

The WWDC events have also seen many major hardware launches and Apple added to the list by launching the Mac Pro at the WWDC 2019 on 3rd June. Mac Pro is one of the best performing powerhouses the world has yet to witness and use.

The MacBook Pro has the world’s most powerful and advanced graphics card, 1.5 GB high-performance RAM< 28 cores, eight different PCIe expansion slots and many other new features, functionalities, and powerful components.

The best configuration will cause $ 5,999. The new model of the Mac 2019 also boasts of a modular design, which is especially helpful when you have to include new components.

12. Apple Pro Display XDR

Another new and refreshing hardware product launch at the event was the Apple Pro Display XDR, and the standard model has a cost of $ 4,999. The higher version comes at the cost of $ 5,999 and is composed of the anti-reflective glass with nano-texture. The display has 6K resolution and is of 32 inches size. It offers a 40% greater screen space.

The Apple WWDC event will be definitely cherished, enjoyed, and liked by thousands of people worldwide who are fans and followers of the high performance and technologically advanced Apple products.